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Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

Something very different here but i've got to say i love it!!Courtesy of Anni Mac!"Willy Moon is a New-Zealand born but London-based singer-songwriter Willy Moon. He's been ticking all the right boxes with his old school hip-hop beats and suave rockabilly style. This is one of his latest tracks called 'Yeah Yeah', a really fresh recording straight from the depths of his home-studio in Hackney. Go have a listen!"FREE DOWNLOAD: THE LOVE and by that i mean our channel, give it a like and subscribe. FACEBOOK: DISCLAIMER:***I upload music for the entertainment of myself and others, i do not upload music inorder to make money nor do i upload music to take credit from the artist(s) or another channel that was the first to upload it. If i have uploaded one of your tracks then i will happily add a link to your website, youtube channel or myspace page etc. or if you are not happy that i have uploaded one of your tracks then simply send me a private message and i will remove it by all means, PLEASE DO NOT JUST REPORT MY CHANNEL***

Tags : willy, moon, yeah, hip, hop, beats, upbeat, feel, good, new, zealand, annie, mac, london, hackney, free, music, pureliquidadventures, liquid, advantures, tom, alston, youtube, promotion, Greater London, Rap, Hip Hop, Live, Factory, England, Rapping, Lol, Haha, Ice, Funny

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